Why The Gym Might Not Be The Best Place For A Lifestyle Change

If you’re stuck in a rut, then you naturally think of ways to switch things up and get out of said rut. Most of the time, you decide a lifestyle change is needed. For a lot of people, this means improving the way you eat, getting fit, and just generally taking better care of your body. In doing so, you end up taking care of your mind as you start to deal with self-confidence issues and lingering feelings about your body image.

Improving your lifestyle is highly encouraged, and most people do it by signing up for a gym membership. Many people start going to the gym and are amazed at how different their life becomes thanks to this new change. But, I don’t think going to the gym is the best way to improve your lifestyle. Or, more accurately, I really believe that exercising is great for you, but the actual physical setting of a gym can be problematic. Why? Here are some of my thoughts on the matter:




Gyms Are Full Of Accidents
Being in a gym setting means you’re surrounded by other people and pieces of equipment. The problem with this is that it means every trip to the gym is potentially an accident waiting to happen. All it takes is for one person to leave a weight out and for you to trip over it and hurt yourself. Or, you slip and fall in the shower area because they don’t have shower mats in the gym. Needless to say that an injury presents you with a significant setback; both physically and financially. If you want to know how it can cost you a lot of money, then have a look here for more details. Physically, it can put you out of action for months, which prevents you from changing your lifestyle.

Commercial Gyms Are Toxic Environments
Perhaps my biggest grips with commercial gyms are that they don’t create a great environment for people looking to embark on a fitness journey. They’re filled with loud guys all juiced up to their eyeballs on steroids and various fitness supplements. You feel eyes on you whenever you try and work out, and this can be very unsettling. Sometimes, people come up to you and tell you you’re doing something wrong – which is obviously their way of trying to help, but it still knocks your confidence. It can be tough to get some good exercise in when you always feel on edge and want to just work out in peace.


So, what’s the solution? For me, I think it’s better if you exercise at home or do things that get you out of the house in safer environments. There are loads of activities you can do at home or in your garden with no equipment and limited space. Plus, this takes up less time, and you have fewer excuses for not going and getting fit. Alternatively, go running or cycling outdoors – or even join a local sports team to get fit in a healthier environment.


If gyms have worked for you, then that’s fine; carry on! But, if you’re just embarking on a lifestyle change, then maybe think about pursuing a different way of getting fit.



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