Why Nurse Managers Are So Important

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There are many important members of the medical community, but perhaps the ones that are the most vital are the nurse managers. The people in these positions have a long list of responsibilities that contribute towards the successful running of the healthcare facility, and ultimately ensure that the patient has a positive and productive visit to the practice.

This role is extra important because it is such a far-reaching position. Nurse managers are involved in the nurse recruitment process, provide feedback to nurses which ultimately keeps standards at the hospital high, and also work to create a positive working environment — which is vital in a profession that can have its fair share of tough days. 

While there are plenty of nurse managers working in traditional hospitals, nearly two-thirds are working in other healthcare practices, including home health and nursing care homes. Because there are so many arenas that require a nurse manager, the job prospects for a person qualified for this position are good. Indeed, in the coming years, there is set to be an increase in demand for nurse managers, and it pays well, too.

In order to do the job well, nurse managers need to be able to handle various duties and be multiskilled. They have to be expert communicators and know how to put a great team together, as well as know how to lead them. To learn more about the position and all that it involves, take a look at the infographic put together by Bradley University below.

Infographic design by Bradley University Bradley University

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