Why Life After Education Is Tricky


Education (including a PhD) to some is just a nightmare. To others (like me) it is a dream. But one thing we know is that it is a long process. From a young age you’re tied into the schooling way of life. But without it, we wouldn’t learn the life lessons we have today. We wouldn’t have the qualifications we have today to get us the jobs we can get. It might be a long process to some, but it becomes the norm. It is a routine you’re used to, and despite thinking you dislike the thought of school, it is something we enjoy in the long run. Depending on when you decide to stop education, you’ll find leaving it rather tricky. A lot of people carry on to further education, which whilst opens so many doors, presents a few unique problems of its own. This is what we’re going to explore for you today.


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Job Prospects

If you’ve stayed on to do further education, then your job prospects are going to be wider. But that doesn’t stop them being hard to get. It is notoriously hard to get a job as a graduate. Applying for a full time job might be something you’ve never had to do before, and getting it right can sometimes be tricky. There’s the added stress of the social pressure to get a job. People assume you should go straight from education right into a job. Don’t conform to this pressure. Waiting for the right time, and finding the right job to suit you is far more important than rushing to get a job due to pressure. When you do find your dream job, the interview process is going to be something that is highly nerve-wracking for you, and perhaps something that you may not have done before. Make sure you’re reading up about the company you wish to work for in case of any company based questions. There are plenty of interview technique help guides on the internet if you’re worried about the etiquette of it all.


Money Issues

Money issues plague us all in life, but particularly when you’ve built up educational debts. Some people tend not to think of them, but to others, having to weighing on their minds is too much. Not only that, but if you struggle to get a job after education, it can lead to a further build up of debts. If you ever find yourself in that situation, then companies such as debtconsolidation.co will be on hand to help you. It is important to sort money issues out sooner rather than later. When you get to the stage of wanting to move out, the last thing you want is money issues looming over your head. Hopefully, when you do get a full time job, things should start easing off for you, and your life will stabilise somewhat.


All the above issues can easily lead to stress, which is the last thing you need. Prioritise and work out your after education tasks methodically. Working through them one by one will make things so much easier for you.

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