Why I’m so glad I started this blog (celebration of 15,000 views)


Dr.ofwhat has had over 15,000 views (5000 of which have been in the last 4 months!). I am genuinely so humbled that so many sets of eyes have looked at this website so many times! To celebrate I wanted to list why I am so glad I started Dr.Ofwhat, and maybe provide some inspiration for others thinking about starting their own blog.

  1. It has connected me with so many people- Through this blog and my Instagram page I have connected with so many other likeminded people from across the world.
  2. Blogging has allowed me to help others- People have messaged me saying that some of my PhD and study related tips have been useful, which was such a nice thing to hear.
  3. It is a modern day journal- As I have said a million times before, blogging for me is therapeutic. However, it is also a way of compiling memories, I love looking back on some of my old adventure posts!
  4. It is a great break from work- As a PhD student I read and write a lot, however I read and write a lot of sciency things (yes that is the correct terminology). So, creative writing is a great outlet and break from my work
  5. I have achieved more than I imagined– When I started dr.ofwhat I didn’t think I would ever get 1000 views, let alone 15,000 in one and a half years, and I never thought I would have 300 followers on Instagram, let alone 3000!
  6. It’s fun– Above all, for me the blogging journey has been fun, and I am excited for where it will take me!

If you are thinking about starting a blog- my advice would be to 100% give it a go!

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