Whirlwind USA trip

When the opportunity to attend the inaugural Conservation Marketing and Engagement Congress (CONSMARK) in Virginia USA came up- myself, along with three colleagues, jumped at the opportunity.

We spent 6 nights in Arlington Virginia. The conference went for three days but we added on a few nights before. Three of us then flew to Vegas to start a week and a bit of holiday time- I mean we couldn’t make the almost 30 hour commute and not have some fun could we?

We fit so much into a week and a bit (probably too much in hindsight, I am still recovering). Below are some of my favourite photos from the trip.


We were in America during Halloween- so of course there were a lot of pumpkins.


Washington DC was so much more charming than I anticipated- the buildings were beautiful and we were lucky enough to have sunshine all day.


Our cute little Airbnb in Fairfax Virginia- for more detail go here.


Vegas! Probably my favourite day of the entire trip was relaxing at a beach club all day!


Yosemite, by far the most spectacular national park I have visited.


Death Valley (dress in winds wasn’t the smartest choice!).


Monterey Bay Aquarium.


We spent our last day drinking a cocktail on a rooftop bar on the Santa Monica Pier- not a shabby week I must say.


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