Where To Go From A Child Studies Degree


It’s one of those thoughts every PhD student will have, and it even applies to undergrads, too. When we select a course, we often choose based on our passion. Only later do many of us think “wait, what am I going to do with this?” Child studies degrees and PhDs might seem like one of the harder ones to box into a career, but the truth is there are a few options out there. Here are a few ideas on what direction you can take after you finish studying.


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Providing support for a family

You may need to specialize in psychology, counselling, or therapy, but there are a lot of ways that you can provide the kind of support and protection that families and children really need. Social workers often have to deal with harsh subject matter but are there to protect the most vulnerable children in society. Family support workers can help those families down on their luck find their way back on track. Youth workers primarily work with teenagers, helping them cope with the mounting pressures of life and helping them succeed.


Caring for children

People want to entrust their children to those who have not just the care but the expertise to ensure that they have a safe, healthy, learning environment. That’s true not only of the competitive and pressure-filled teaching environment but even for younger kids. Childcare services are considered essential by many parents. Not only do they socialize children and prepare them for school, but they also help working parents find a little balance in life. By investing in a care centre, you can provide a service that the community genuinely needs while potentially making a profit. Childcare services are always in need of those who truly care about the development and the wellbeing of the kids enrolled in them.


Building resources in the community

We all have reasons to fear for the children of today’s society. Poverty, homelessness, crime, there are a lot of threats out there and they can be some of the most vulnerable to them. Beyond a caring family and learning environment, a sense of community can play a huge role in keeping kids on the right track. Becoming a community centre worker, a sports coach, or setting new community hubs in the area can help foster that sense. Though the digital world seems to be taking over as the new place to hang out, the importance of a place to gather and socialize has never lost its importance. You could take your skills and use them to build just the place your community needs.


If you have taken a child studies degree, there’s a good chance that you already have an interest in the wellbeing and development of children. Next, you just need to find where exactly you fit into that equation. You can start a business helping parents care for children, work with families to provide deeper support, or even run programs giving children in the community a safe place to play and socialize.

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