Where do I get insipiration for my blog?

As Dr.ofwhat is over three years old now, sometimes it can be hard to think of new content for the blog. I often go a week or two without any good ideas- luckily I usually scheduled posts in advance! I have however found a few ways to get my creative juices flowing….


Listen to people- Being a researcher, I am innately curious, and this often drives me to eavesdrop (in a non-rude, non-creepy way) on people sitting in a cafe or waiting in line for lunch. I also get the chance to talk to a lot of people as part of my job. Although, these people are rarely discussing the topics that I do on this blog they often give me little sources of inspiration.

Get your haircut- There is something about sitting in a hairdresser that provides a source of inspiration. I don’t know what it is but every time I come out of the salon I am full of ideas (which helps makes up for the expense…maybe!).

Always have a notebook handy- Although we have the ability to write notes on our phone now I still like to have a notebook handy for those random times that inspiration strikes

Watch a range of TV shows- Including trashy reality, thought-evoking documentaries, and everything in between!

Read other blogs- I love reading other people’s blogs- even in completely different genres to mine! Obviously, you don’t copy other people’s content but by reading a range of posts it helps me come up with new ideas.

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