What you would find on my Ph.D. desk

You spend many hours at your desk so I believe having items on there that inspire you or make your day easier is important! Therefore, I thought it would be nice to show what is important on my desk and see if there are any similarities to other people’s work stations.
“Ritzy” -The graduation puppy that my parents got me on graduation day- Ritzy is there to remind me that I have graduated once & therefore will be able to do it again (fingers crossed)- I also have a glass owl wearing a graduation hat (from my gran) for the same reason.

Multiple Mugs of various sizes- I get lazy and do not want to always clean the mugs that I use, so I bring in more from home (oops).

2 shark related items- I am actually surprised there are not more. I have a picture my parents got me from Port Lincoln, SA (www.bytheseagallery.com.au) and a shark snow globe (I am not actually sure what you really call it, because it is not snow) from my gran. I have them because I am a little shark obsessed and if you have read some of my previous posts you would know that sharks conservation is the topic of my Ph.D.

“Patch”- My Heat bag- It is the only thing that can help minimise the pain I suffer due to my endometriosis, so he ain’t going anywhere! Plus he is cute and much prettier than plan old brown wheat bags!

My pen cup– Full with some of my favourite items (I am a bit of a stationary addict)- I will never, ever, ever (unless they get discontinued, which may result in tears) change my highlighters, Stabilo Luminators are my absolute favorite. I also have a range of coloured fineliners (Staedler) and some Uniball eye pens.

Pen cup
Other stationary scattered around including penguin sticky notes and dolphin paper clips!

Sticky Notes
My Microsoft surface. No I do not have a Macbook! I love my surface, I currently have the Pro 3 model and previously had the RT version. It is so light so I can take it anywhere, I use it as a tablet when reading articles- I used to hate reading off computer screens but with my Surface it is fine- which saves me printing off articles! I use it to edit photos using Photoshop (the surface pen is particularly useful) and it is also perfectly suitable for playing Sims. What more could I want out of a computer?

Books– The current stack of books I have is; My statistics book- Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics by Andy Field- which is super helpful and actually makes me understand statistics… well better than I used too; 500 words you should know- Caroline Taggart- where do you think some of my Wednesday Word of the Week words come from?; Animals and tourism, Understanding Diverse Relationships- Kevin Markwell- which I need to read for my second chapter of my thesis; The Little Green Book of Grammar and The Little Red Writing Book both by Mark Tredinnick- because I still do not really understand where to put a comma- and do not get me started on semicolons!

My headphones– I do not even remember where they came from, but I promise you they were not expensive. I find that the over-ear headphones are more comfortable when I am listening to music for a couple hours at a time with no break.

These are just some of my favourite items on my desk, obviously there is also often some paperwork piled up (but that neither inspires me nor makes my day easier!)

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