What To Do In The Odd Case Of Breaking A Tooth

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Teeth are incredibly strong. They can withstand immense pressure from our jaw muscles. In fact the human bite can be around 275 lbs. That is a lot of force going into your teeth. Everyday they go through various challenges of ripping and crushing food. They also have to withstand the degenerative effects of sugar and decay. However they are not invisible and that’s why we keep good care of them since they cannot be replaced. But what happens when you break a tooth? You realize that your teeth are not incredibly hard bits of your body that are not connected to the rest of your system. Teeth are connected to nerves and veins, so you’ll definitely feel the pain. You’ll also need to stem the blood flow quickly as the nature of our mouths to continually lubricate makes it hard for the body to seal the wound up. If you are ever in this odd situation, here what you should do.

The biggest fight

When breaking a tooth, the biggest fight you’ll have on your hands if staving off infection. All open wounds are susceptible to being infected by bacteria, and our mouths have literally millions of bacteria with around 100,000 on each tooth alone. Immediately run your mouth under lukewarm water. This will soothe the nerves and stop them from expanding too much which can cause a lot of discomfort. Washing away the blood too will help you see what the break looks like too. Next rinse your mouth out with salt water. This will help to kill germs and bacteria from the break zone, and prevent an infection from starting for a while.


Quick, nobody move!

Try to locate the missing part of the tooth. This is incredibly important as the dentist can see how bad or minimal the break is. They can determine from the missing piece, how deep the nerves were inside the tooth and what needs to be done to seal up the would properly. Also, just for aesthetic purposes you should have the broke piece with you so reconstructive measures have something to work from. The shape and size of the tooth can be replicated to give you a natural smile.

Go to a professional


Next and quite obviously you need to go to a professional dentist. However, not just any old dentist but one that knows how to react and perform in dental emergencies such as a broken tooth. Trauma and pain from a bad broken tooth can be severe, so fast-acting painkillers and cleaning of the zone can be done by a professional. Then they can begin to make a mould of your tooth in case you choose to have the tooth reconstructed. During urgent appointments they will work to mitigate pain and put in place strong temporary measures to allow you to carry on with your day until a further meeting is booked.

It’s rare but unpleasant when you break a tooth. The first thing you need to do is to wash your mouth out with lukewarm and salt water. Don’t panic and begin searching for the broken piece. Take it to the dentist as quickly as you can and they will begin emergency measures.


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