What is great about the scicomm community !

As I have been part of the scicomm community for two years now, I really wanted to celebrate what is so great about it. I thought what better way than getting some of my favourite scicomm influencers to say what they like about the community. 


“I love being part of this scicomm community particularly because of the connections I’ve made with other passionate scientists”


“I love the scicomm community for how supportive and inspiring everyone is, we acknowledge and celebrate each other’s successes and are there to help when things get tough!”


“I love being a part of the science community on Instagram because of the scientific conversation it stimulates and the knowledge I learn from the dynamic people within it!”


“I love this community for the support! Everyone is so encouraging and supportive of one another, such a privilege to be a part of”


“Being a part of the online science community provides me with a sense of belonging. I am constantly overwhelmed by the support, and grateful for all the friendships I’ve formed with fellow scientists from across the globe. Scientific research can be particularly isolating, but the online science community continuously motivates me to persevere”


“I love that we’ve been using social media to help make science more open access, build communities of support, and explore each others’ voices. It takes time to be online but it energizes me more than anything and meeting people from all over the world has brought me so much personal growth and fulfilment”


“What I like about being a part of this community is that there is always someone there who can advise you, pick you up during the tough times, someone you can bounce ideas off of, and someone to inspire you. People are always there to celebrate the highs with”


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