What I have learnt during my third year of a PhD

Click here for what I learnt during my second year of a PhD.


That finishing a PhD in 3 years is (nearly) impossible- When I started my PhD, like many other PhD students at my uni, we anticipate, and plan to finish our thesis in three years. Barely any of us achieve that.

Thinking about what comes after a PhD is scary- As you near the end of your PhD lots of people start asking what you want to do after. It is actually a terrifying thought because I can’t imagine handing in my thesis let alone getting a job. I have a blog post about this in the works.

It is hard to keep your flames burning- “A PhD is a marathon”. You hear this a lot when you start a PhD and you try to prepare yourself, but nothing can. A PhD is exhausting. The third year of a PhD is particularly exhausting. It takes a lot of energy keeping your flames burning.

Finding an outlet changed the game- I have recently realised how important it is for me to go to barre/pilates/yoga classes at least a few nights a week after work. I am stressed. Like more stressed than I can to admit to myself. Exercising after work is such an amazing release, it means that by the time I am home, I have separated myself from my PhD.

My skin hates my PhD– I was lucky, as a teenager I did not have pimples. I had other things I disliked about my body but I loved and was really grateful for my skin. Now at the prime age of 25, I have more pimples at one time than during my entire teenage years combined. I am trying lots of different things, including getting regular facials but I am told that it is hormonal and stress induced so it is difficult to clear it up completely.


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