Weird aspects of academia

Academia is such a weird place, filled with weird traditions, weird rules, and weird experiences….

  • Like the fact that not only do you not get paid when you publish an article, you actually have to pay to get it published.
  • Like the fact that you get employed by a university and often a key aspect of your job is winning grants to pay your own wages.
  • Like the fact that academic research is supposed to be cutting edge and trendsetting, yet it takes months/years to get research published by which time it may be outdated.
  • Like that some established professors feel like they need to criticise and undermine students / emerging professors at conferences.
  • Like that everytime you try to publish the peer-reviewers are extremely pedantic and ensure you have included all the information for someone to replicate your research (as they should) but often when you are reading a paper they don’t even include the survey items they used.


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