Ways To Be There For Your Family when you’re busy


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Being around for your family can be hard when you’re all grown up and have a life of your own to lead. You have all kinds of responsibilities to get on with: your uni work, eating and sleeping, making sure you’ve still got a social structure to support you in your home away from home etc. And then you’ve got your parents waiting patiently on the other end of the phone for you to call them – when will you manage to get round to doing that?

So, we all have busy schedules, and often enough we’re not to blame for it. But we still feel bad, and like we’re letting our family down in some way. And if you’re someone who can relate to that, here’s just a couple of easy ways you can be there for your family, with just a few moments of your time needed here and there.

Send Them Something

Sending your family something is a great way to only take a few minutes or a half hour out of your own day, and put the recipients in a great mood for the rest of their day! And you can send all kinds of things these days, so if you’re no wordsmith, you don’t have to rely on a letter alone.

Maybe you could get some flowers sent their way? If you know your Mum has a big day ahead of her, some Roses or Carnations coming through the letterbox in the morning will help her get through the afternoon. Or you could send a box of chocolates, or a nice tin of shortbread? Tasty treats cheer everyone on the planet up!


Help Them Find Help


If you’ve got a loved one who’s in recovery, whether they’ve just broken a leg or sprained their ankle, or they’ve had a more serious illness strike them down for the time being, or they need to look into further stroke recovery therapy techniques, you can help them out. If they’re in need of aid, and it’s aid you know you can’t provide, you can help them to research their options.

You can be right by their side whilst doing so, or you can be on the end of the phone – as long as your voice is guiding them through a very scary period, they’re going to know you’re there and you care about them.


Take Plenty of Photos


Photos are wonderful momentos, and you can take as many as you want, as long as you’ve got a memory card in your camera. So make use of this! Next time you go to see your family, be sure to snap every moment you believe is worthy. When you get back home again, have these photos developed and send them back to your parents or your little sister – it’ll prove you miss them just as much as they miss you.

Being there for your family can be demanding from time to time, but there’s still ways to be there for them!

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