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Friday approximately 1pm- I am currently sitting on a rock at the beach watching the waves crash in (I am jotting down these notes in my phone). My boyfriend and I had a slightly rough start to our weekend away to Victor Harbor. I woke up with a terrible cold that I am hoping to can shake ASAP and when we arrived at the beach (a 1.5 hour drive from home) and realised that we forgot our wetsuits… and with the water being 13 degree we really need wetsuits! Luckily for us we found a surf shop that hires them out. Despite these minor hiccups, now that I am sitting on the beach I am feeling very content watching waves break. I am supposed to be taking photos of my boyfriend, however there are around fifteen surfers all in black wetsuits, so I have no idea which one he is. I have decided not to get in the water today, as I feel that regardless of having a wetsuit, my cold will not appreciate the vitamin sea (although speaking of vitamin sea, I should get some orange juice for some actual vitamin C!).

Middleton Point Break
Friday approximately 3pm- We just checked into our hotel (http://www.bluffresort.com.au/) and it is absolutely stunning. It has a full panoramic view of the beach and esplanade, a neat little kitchen and living area and a modern bathroom fit with a spa bath. The only thing that could have made it better would be if the spa bath was overlooking the view! Even better, we got the hotel for 40% off (Thank you wotif.com!). We are going to spend the rest of the day relaxing, enjoying the hotel and making the most of being able to watch the Olympics (we can’t do that at home due to our crappy television reception).

Middleton Point Saturday approximately 11am- I am sitting in the car at the beach trying to defrost my hands after my attempt at surfing. I woke up feeling a lot better than yesterday and so we made our way down to the surf beach nice and early. I braved the cold water today and caught two waves (standing for a total of 5 seconds). I am still new to surfing and I’m a bit of a whimp when it comes to catching the waves, but I am getting better!

Bottlenose Dolphin
Saturday approximately 5pm- We spent the afternoon on a whale watching boat tour (http://www.thebigduck.com.au/). As soon as we boarded the boat we saw a female Bottlenose dolphin with her two calves. We then travelled for about five minutes into what is known as the ‘whale nursery’ and to my delight (and surprise) we saw a female Southern Right Whale. Although it is whale watching season, I did not have high hopes of actually seeing one. She was amazing- unfortunately she did not breach or show us her tail (hence why the photo is of a dark coloured blob) but it was still so special to see a wild whale (it was the first time I have seen one!) We also saw lots of seals playing and swimming in the shallows near what is known as ‘seal island’, which is always a cute sight. The boat ride itself was fun as well- we bounced over the rather large waves and got sprayed with the freezing cold water. I loved the experience and was so happy with the information provided about the species and their conservation issues, I will be back to do another trip next year- and hopefully get that desired whale tail photo!

Southern Right Whale
Sunday approximately 3pm- We had another relaxing night last night and woke up to a completely orange sky, which is one of the best ways to start the day. Two of our friends came up to meet us today and as the waves were really big, us girls decided to sit out of the surf and instead watch the boys (and all the other surfers, it was really busy!) produce some entertaining wipe-outs.

Another weekend away, another success!

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