Update on “24 item Bucketlist for 24 years”

I made my Bucketlist when I turned 24 in October last year, and I am proud to say that I have been ‘walking the walk’ and have already ticked off 4 items (see below). Hopefully more can be achieved before my next Birthday!


  1. Visit Iceland


  1. See a wild Orca
  2. Get better at surfing
  3. Write a book
  4. Present at a conference
  5. Go to a World Surf League event
  6. See a wild polar bear
  7. See the Northern Lights


  1. Visit Antarctica
  2. Get my diving certification


  1. Swim with whale sharks
  2. Publish my research
  3. Swim with manta rays
  4. Visit Uluru
  5. Be on TV
  6. Get better at snowboarding
  7. Visit Seattle
  8. See a wild blue whale
  9. Help create an ethical tourism organisation and/or work for one
  10. Live in New Zealand for a little while
  11. Do a van road trip
  12. See snow falling from the sky


  1. Visit Hawaii
  2. Get my PhD!

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  1. I REALLY LOVE THIS. I made a bucket list too when I graduated from undergrad, which is why I ended up at veterinary school in the first place! Thanks for sharing and keep checking things off the list!

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