University Won’t Leave You Smiling If You Don’t Visit A Dentist For The Duration

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Going to university is like spreading your wings. No more having to tell your parents where you’re going, or explain why you stumbled in so late (within reason). No more having to eat healthy meals. And, some would say best of all, no more having someone force you to go to the dentist. Get in!

If there’s one thing most of us hate, it’s the regular six-month appointments our parents make for us with the dentist. In your new town, you don’t even intend to sign up with a dentist. And, you couldn’t be happier.

Sorry to burst your bubble, though, but you could come to regret this in later life. We’re not going to tell you that you need to buckle down and stop spending your nights in bars. We’re not even going to tell you that sweets aren’t the best breakfast. All we are going to say is that you might want to sign up with a dentist and keep your appointments after all. Here’s why.


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Prevention is better than cure

Your parents have probably been telling you this for longer than you can remember, but they have a point. When it comes to teeth, prevention is always better than cure. If you don’t visit a dentist for the duration of your student days, you could end up facing severe work. And, it’s when things get severe that they get painful. Spending a long time in a dentist’s chair is often even the precursor for dental anxiety. Besides, your post-uni self will have enough debt to deal with already, without worrying about this, too. By comparison, does a ten-minute check every six months of your student life really sound so bad?

You’re at the prime age for wisdom teeth

You’ve likely heard enough horror stories to know that wisdom teeth often need attention. The majority of us experience at least one wisdom teeth removal through our lives. But, what does this have to with dentistry during university? Nothing much, other than the fact the wisdom teeth typically emerge between 17-25. That looks like prime student age to us, so there’s a chance these will come through during university. This can be painful, and complications could leave you having to contact an emergency dentist. By comparison, regular checks allow your dentist to track what’s happening. They may even be able to take action before eruption to save you on a whole load of trouble.

Your lifestyle’s doing more damage than you realise


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Lastly, note that the student lifestyle isn’t the best when it comes to dental hygiene. For one, you may be relying on sugary foods and drinks to keep your energy up. You can bet alcohol will enter your life at regular intervals during these years. That alone has enough sugar to rot your teeth. Late nights could also see you skipping your brushing routine more than you should. With that in mind, then, why wouldn’t you want to keep an eye on things before it’s too late?

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