Travel Smart By Doing These 7 Things Before You Go


Adventure is an exciting prospect, isn’t it? You get to spin the globe and place your finger anywhere to choose where you would like to be. For some people, there are certain places both near and far that call out to them. For others, the wanderlust takes a little longer to kick in and the idea of a long-haul destination is fairly frightening! Booking a flight, booking accommodation, and sorting out your spending money is the trifecta of booking a vacation to remember, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning out a dream destination holiday (even simple things like finding the perfect playlist is important). You’ll need your planning to be as smooth as possible – as does everyone –  to save yourself any possible headaches. The key to this? Organisation!

It’s all about making lists to get those essentials taken care of, because it’s not just about where you’re going. It’s lovely to pack everything up and jump in the car to the airport, but if you haven’t left your house in the right state of security you could be leaving yourself open to issues. So, in the interest of having a really smooth holiday with everything you could plan for going without a hitch, check out our seven tips for success below.


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House & Pet Sitter

The moment you click ‘buy’ on your holiday should be the moment that you start planning out who you would like to look after your pets and your house. If you don’t have pets to worry about, start thinking about your home and how you can keep it secure. You could have a house alarm, but you should also sort out a neighbour or a friend to keep a watch over your home.

Deliveries & Services

Going away for two weeks or more means that you are going to missing a lot of those milk deliveries and newspapers you would usually receive. Placing a stop on these deliveries for the time that you are away will mean that you won’t have a build up outside the front of your house (thus alerting people to your absence) and it will mean you save some cash. If you use a cleaner or gardening service weekly, let them know that you would be away so that you don’t waste any time.


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Documents & Passport

When you are going long-haul, you need to sort out any visas for travel, make sure that your passport is dated within six months of the flight and arrange any travel insurance. Keeping your documents in a wallet along with tickets and cash is important, as is arranging the right visas before you go so you’re not stopped at customs. Keep everything together with your insurance so that you don’t lose anything in transit.

Emergencies & Healthcare

Going to a new place means you need to check out the local health services in case you fall ill. You can find more information here on local medical practices and you should arrange for the right health insurance so that you don’t get stung for cash during your visit if you end up in hospital. Once you know the locations for emergency services, you can feel a little more secure with your visit as you’ll know where the local hospital is.


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Cash & Cards

Heading abroad means buying in currency, and ideally you’d have bought your currency before you go or at the airport so that you can get the best rates. There are other options if you’re not comfortable with carrying large amounts of cash, and the best one is to load up a prepaid credit card that can be used in your destination of choice. This way, you can hit the ATM without the risk of hefty banking fees just because you’ve gone abroad! Always contact your bank and your credit card company before you go so that you notify them you are heading further afield. The last thing that you need in a foreign country is to be locked out of your account because your bank decides your transactions are fraudulent.


First Day Plans

You need to map out your first day in a new place before you even land. The reason for this is that you need to get your bearings quickly when you land. Make sure you know the transportation options to your destination and you know what your check-in times are for your hotel or apartment. Once you’ve done that, you’re likely to need a meal or at least a cold drink after your travelling, so research the local eateries before you go. Shaking off the fatigue of travel as well as jet lag is important, so mapping out a beach to walk to or just a walk through the resort you are visiting is important.

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Last Day Plans

As with your first day plans, you need to plan out your last day. Book any cars you need to collect you on checkout and make sure you’ve eaten and planned your meals when you have a flight to catch. Timing is everything when you have flights to catch and cars to return to the hire centre. You also need to ensure you have your house keys, car keys and cash in the right currency for when you land at the home airport. It’s also a great idea to be ready with your laundry so you can get that done the moment you get in the house. No one wants to leave luggage full of dirty clothes for weeks on end!

Adventures are only exciting when they are stress-free and full of fun. Planning is everything and your holiday away can be a fun time if you make it that way. Pay attention to the smaller details and your return will be as calm as your journey at the start. Don’t get caught up in the holiday shopping and buying sunscreen, that bit can come after everything else is organised correctly. Travel smart, travel well and travel safely!

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