Transform you Home with These Tips

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The home is where we the majority of us spend most of our time. Whether it be to sleep, relax, socialise, and bring up a family. It is a fundamentally important place. A lot of us are fed up of looking at the same four walls and old furniture, that when we go home, instead of feeling upbeat, we get annoyed at our own lack of imagination and inability to do something about it. Well, never fear, there are some ways you can transform your home, without breaking the bank. And it will wash that stress right off.


Construct a gallery 

This does not sound as daunting as it may seem. Perhaps there is a wall in the living room that’s a little bare and could do with some livening up. Why not purchase some pretty images and quotes you like and fill the whole wall. It may be an idea to have a quote made up that you like, that inspires you. Instead of looking at a dull wall, it could be your muse to uplift and motivate you. You could think about having the themed with a family of prints, or create a mishmash instead, whatever your personality dictates.   


Upholster old furniture

You may not like the old furniture anymore, but that does not mean you hate it and want to part with it. It could be a hand me down from granny or something. Instead think about what a few well placed blocks between the legs of old tables, for example, and a tin of paint could do, or even wallpaper. Have a look at what is making you unhappy and get creative. You could paint the old wardrobe a wacky bright pink, or even cover it with a pattern. The idea is to try and make your home more comfortable for you and your personality. So, who are you?


Upgrade the garden

Look out your back window with the thought, what does my garden say about me? If you do not like the answer think about getting out there, cutting that grass, and adding a few pretty flowers. Plants can do wonders in making things seem more pleasant and welcoming. Also, what about your borders, does the hedge need trimming? Or is the fence tired looking? It may be time to think about having a Timber Fence Cost analysis done to transform that garden into a much more welcoming place. Once the basics have been catered for, add some features, maybe a little patio and sitting area to take your friends on a nice day.



Talking about plants! If you do not have a garden and want something living at home, or even if you do have a garden, why not adorn the inside with some plants too. This will brighten up any room. You will have a little bit of something natural which can have a positive effect on your mental health as plants lift mood. Not only that, but they detoxify the air you breathe too, so they literally make you healthier.


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