Tips for starting your own blog

Dr.ofwhat is four years old this month! Which is odd because it feels like only yesterday I decided to create this little website to document my PhD journey. Since it began way back in 2016, the website has knocked up over 68,000 views, over 500 blog followers, and 9000 followers on Instagram. Something I could have never dreamed of.

I wanted to share some of my tips for where to start if you too are thinking of starting a blog

  1. Find a niche– You need to work out what the topic of the blog is going to be. Ideally this is something that you are passionate about and something that could fill a void in the cyber universe. 
  2. Start specific– I think when you first start your blog your content should be specific and relevant to the niche that you have decided. When I first started dr.ofwhat I solely posted PhD and study related content. While this is still the key content of the website, I have since expanded to also creating some travel and lifestyle content. 
  3. Choose a name– The name of the blog is important, after all it is the identity of the blog. Think carefully about the name. If you are struggling for inspiration, do some crowd sourcing- ask your friends and family for name suggestions!
  4. Choose a host– You need somewhere for your blog to exist. I chose WordPress and I paid for premium wordpress from the get go. But there are many options so it is worth doing a little bit of research about what would suit you and your plan for the blog.
  5. Get stockpiling your content– Before you decide to go live with your blog, it is a good idea to have lots of content ready to go. It is important that you share consistently if you want to grow the audience of your blog, so having a few weeks worth of content before you launch is a good idea! 
  6. Share the blog– Decide how you are going to make your blog known. Tell your family and friends. Create a social media presence. Scream it from the rooftops!


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