Tips for getting extra marks on an assignment.

I have been marking university undergraduate assignments for a couple of years now, so I have some expertise in how to get those crucial extra marks.


1) Read the instruction sheets carefully- This may sound obvious but you would be surprise how often students forget to include crucial information in sections of an assignment. Always read & re-read the assignment instructions and ensure you follow them.

2)  Take the time to edit the assignment– By the time you get to the end of an assignment I know you just want to submit it and never ever think about it again. However, before you do that take 10-15 minutes to read over it and look for spelling & grammatical errors. They can be really distracting for a marker and are an easy way to lose marks.

3) Don’t submit it late– Try to always submit your assignment on time. I know that life happens, but in some courses you can lose up to 10% per day that you are late. That’s not a fun time.

4) Don’t over complicate simple things– So many students fall into the trap of trying to use fancy words and complex explanations. Don’t. Try to explain concepts in a simple and easy to understand way.

5) Show your knowledge of the course content wherever possible– In written reports or essays try to include relevant concepts from the course wherever possible. Go through the lecture slides and look at concepts that would be relevant to your assignment. It shows your markers that you have payed attention in class (& we like that!)

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