Thoughts every* PhD Student has when they take a full time job before finishing their PhD

It has been a while since I have posted a PhD thoughts post- check out the last one here…..

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“I needed to stop doing my PhD full time so badly”

“I will be able to work on my PhD before and after work and on the weekends…easy peasy”

“So this is what work outside of academia is like…..”

“I don’t even need my PhD, I have the job that I want, even though I am 89% finished I am going to quit”

“What is my PhD actually about again?”

When you do work on your PhD “I am a PhD machine… this is easy- I will easily finish this”

“Getting paid a liveable wage to work is a novel experience”

“I do miss being able to leave the PhD office whenever I felt like it… you know, if I had a little headache I was like oh well better go home then”

“I WILL get this PhD done”

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