Thoughts every* PhD student has ~ 9 months out from submission

40511881_2129832503949931_6404311578576945152_n*Okay- probably not EVERY PhD student….

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1.       Situation- When you accidentally look at the date

“how on earth have I been doing this for almost 3 years?”


2.       Situation- When you see all your friends killing it at their career

“ I am 1000% ready for a ‘real job’


3.       Situation- When you think about said ‘real job’

“ But wait, am I ready for a real job?  I won’t be able to adventure as much!”


4.       Situation- At night when lying awake

“ How much of a stress ball am I going to be in six months, I am already 96% stress now?”


5.       Situation- When you open one of the many travel emails you receive daily

“ ahhhhhhhhh booking a holiday will be good for the soul- lets call it a “writing retreat”…


6.       Situation- When someone asks you when you’re submitting your PhD

“If you ask that again you will not be invited to my ‘I’m a Dr.’ Party”


7.       Situation- When sitting in your office

“ how would I function without my PhD pals?”


8.       Situation- Multiple times a day

“who invented coffee and wine? I need to know who to acknowledge in my thesis”

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