Things we shouldn’t just accept as PhD students

Since leaving full-time PhD work and getting a job in the industry I have been reflecting upon my time as a full time PhD student. I have realised that there are many things that we accept as PhD students that I’m not really sure we should*.

  • Feeling guilty for not working on the weekend or for not being the last one in the office
  • Comparing how many hours you have worked with your colleagues
  • Nasty criticism from reviewers and conferences (not constructive criticism, genuinely nasty) 
  • Having to find money to pay for open-access publications as a graduate student
  • Believing that in order to succeed, other people need to fail
  • The idea that leaving academia to work in the industry is ‘weak’
  • Having prolonged and extremely heightened stress just ‘be part of the PhD’


*Like all of my posts, this is only my opinion.

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