Things to Consider Before You Move to a Remote Location

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If you are thinking that living in the countryside and away from the hustle and bustle of the big city is for you, it is important that you consider the consequences of your move, so you don’t end up regretting it like many other people before. You might be missing your friends, the pubs and restaurants, and the convenience of the public transport. To make sure that it is worth the sacrifice, you will have to consider every aspect of your move carefully, so you can ensure that you don’t have to move back due to not being able to get used to your new lifestyle. Find a few pointers below.



One of the things you have to consider is the roads and the services available. If you are far from the next exchange of phone lines and broadband, you might end up paying a fortune for a satellite phone and internet, which will make your lifestyle even more expensive. Likewise, if you cannot get gas or electricity and have to pay for the services to be led to your home, you will increase your cost of move. Do your research to avoid disappointment.

Road Networks

It all sounds idyllic to live in the countryside, but will you be able to cope with the dirt road in the winter when everything is muddy or covered in snow? You might be stuck in your home for weeks, and need to stock up on food. Find out about how well the roads are maintained and how long it will take you to get to the nearest city and supermarket. After all, the more remote your location is the less likely it is that you can get all your Christmas shopping done online.


Home Delivery

There are some areas that are simply not served by the postal service, and you will have to find out how long it will take you to get your post. Chances are that you might be better off renting a P.O. box in the nearest town or village and getting your post that way. When it comes to convenience, the countryside can’t compete with the big city, so make sure you are prepared for these difficulties.


Next, you will need to research how far the local shops are and when they are open. After all, you need to eat and do your general grocery shopping. Chances are that you will have to pay much more at the local shop than in the closest hypermarket, but if you can get everything you need, you can make up for the cost difference in fuel. You don’t want to travel fifteen or twenty miles to find a present or a gift bag, or it will eventually get too expensive to live in the countryside.

Severe Weather

Before you choose the location, you will have to find out whether there is a chance that you will experience severe weather and power cuts. The more remote your house is, the less likely it is that the emergency services will get to you fast, or you can contact neighbors for help. If you want to retire in the countryside, you will need to ensure that you have a way of communicating with the outside world, no matter what.


When you move from the city to the country, you might not know about the surprises nature has in store. It is all lovely to look at the trees and bushes surrounding your home, but when you get various wild animals close to your house, you might simply not know what to do. This is why you will need to be prepared and ensure that you have the number of a snakes removal service handy all the time. You can come across more than snakes; wildlife might simply be attracted to your garden and your secluded spot.


It is crucial that you feel safe and secure in your home, no matter how far civilisation is from your location. If your neighbours are a few minutes away, you will need to find a way of securing your house when you leave, as criminals are very good at spotting the missing car in the driveway. Installing CCTV and an advanced surveillance system will give you a peace of mind that you and your valuables are protected.

Travel Costs

In case you are thinking about carrying on working in the city or the closest town, you will have to consider the travel costs from your new location. You might be spending a lot on fuel, and have little or no chance to get a carpool with one of your colleagues. Commuting time from your new home will also be crucial; you don’t want to spend more time in your car than absolutely necessary.

Entertainment and Leisure

Some people move to the countryside to be able to have a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle. You might enjoy bike rides on remote country lanes, or swimming in fresh water, However, there are other entertainment and leisure activities to consider, too. What if you would like to have a meal out, celebrate a birthday, or see a show? Would you be able to get home, or should you book a hotel every time you venture into the city?

Health Care

Another thing people don’t really think about before it is too late is the quality of healthcare service in remote areas. If you had an urgent dental or medical need, would you need to travel for hours, or would you get the same service you are used to in the city? What if you had a long term medical condition, would the nurse be able to get to you every other day or week for a check up?


If you are dreaming about becoming a country dweller, you will have to ensure that your adventure will not end in tears. Consider these things before the complete lifestyle change, and you will be able to make the most out of your new life.

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