Things PhD students need to remember


~A PhD is a learning experience- you are a student and therefore expect to have to re-do things (and account for these in your timelines)

~Your thesis won’t keep you warm at night- make the time and take the effort to see your friends and family (even though your social life will be a little less eventful near the end of your PhD)

~You can still do things aside from university- a little contradictory to the last reminder but you don’t have to spend 24/7 on your PhD, you have time for exercise, and cleaning the house, and watching that trashy TV.

~Drafting takes a lot of time.

~If a ‘dream’ job pops up apply for it now. Just because you’re not finished your PhD yet does not mean you can’t start applying for jobs

~You won’t always have your mojo. There are days where you won’t be feeling it and that is okay, annoying but okay.

~Set yourself deadlines. A PhD is self-motivated and requires you to hold yourself to your own deadlines (especially at the end)

~As long as you’re chipping away at things you’re moving in the right direction.

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