Things I learnt during 2017

2017 has been the hardest year of my life (by far), a year that I would never wish upon anybody, a year I wish never happened. However perhaps the silver lining is that I have learnt more about life than I thought I could, particularly by the age of 24.


So here are the 7 lessons 2017 taught me:

1) To never underestimate the power of nature: It can ground you, reenergise you, and make you a little bit happier (even when not much else can)

2)That life can change in a spilt second: Literally all it takes is one second, one tiny second out of the 86,400 seconds in a day, for your life to be flipped upside down. Therefore, I will not take the good times for granted ever again.

3)That you need people in your corner: It is always said that you don’t realise how important having people is, until you really need them. And it is 100% true (therefore, on the flip side I will make sure I am there for others the way they were/are there for me)

4)That in the end you have you: I have always hated this saying, I always felt that it wasn’t true for me because I have always been blessed with amazing friends and family (& I still am). However, I have realised that it is true that above all you have you. I have learnt more about myself this year, about what I am capable of, and about how I need to deal with things, and it has made me realise that I can rely on me when I need to.

5)That worrying about things doesn’t change the outcome: I have always been a person that worries about things- and guess what- I worried about the exact thing that happened- the actual exact thing- but it didn’t change the outcome, it didn’t stop it from happening, it didn’t prepare me (because as much as I did worry about it, I never thought it would actually happen). So, I am going to try to worry a little less.

6)Don’t be a hater– Life is too short to be a hater, Taylor Swift knows it, and so do I! Instead of starting conversations with complaints (whether it be a bad meal in a restaurant, or the problems with a holiday destination), try to focus on the good (at least most of the time).

7) That it is true that the only thing you can control is your reaction to things: The world will f$5k you around in its own way. You will never know what cards you get dealt, or how many of them you get. You can’t change those things. It is shit, and frustrating, and downright cruel, but we can’t change it. We can however try to control how we deal with the cards we receive (the good, bad, ugly, and every tiny one in between).


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