The unexpected hard things about finishing a PhD

Trust me, I was anticipating that finishing my PhD was going to be hard. I never expected that it was going to be margaritas on a sailing-boat. But, so many unexpected hard aspects have popped up in the last (maybe) six months before PhD submission.

  • Job hunting stress- I always knew that something needs to come after a PhD but I think I deliberately ignored that throughout the PhD experience. Now, what comes after a PhD actually needs to be considered. Searching for, applying for, and being rejected from jobs is stressful.
  • Busy, busy, busy- I thought that I would be less busy (in terms of multitasking) in the last six months of my PhD. I figured I would be focused on thesis writing and nothing else. But for many reasons (needing money, being more experienced, opportunities arising) I am juggling more work than ever before.
  • Pimples- There are pimples all over my face. I am not a super vain person, but wowee, these little red life ruiners are causing additional stress- which causes additional pimples- and around and around I go.
  • So extremely exhausted- Finishing up a PhD is so exhausting, to the point that I am not sure if you can prepare for it. I am sure that one day if/when I have a newborn baby, I will look back on this period of my life and laugh at the fact I thought I was exhausted. But regardless, it is exhausting and needing extra sleep is not helpful when you also need to write a thesis
  • Drafting- The drafting aspect of finishing a PhD is much harder than I anticipated. Producing a completed thesis is not just up to you but it is dependent on many people drafting many pieces of work many times. This is time consuming and stressful AF.



  1. Yes to all!! Honestly, I have kept aside job hunting for now. I am focusing on trying to finish this PhD. I cannot wait for the time when I can do nothing (at least for a bit). Good luck to you 🙂

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