The types of lists Early Career Researchers should be keeping

Early Career Researchers often have a lot going on, between researching, teaching, and administration. There are a few lists ECRs should be keeping and continually adding too. Keeping the lists on Google Docs (or equivalent) means that they are always accessible.

  • A list of research ideas- Research ideas can come to you at the strangest times. Jot down any idea that comes to mind. You may never act on them but you also might!
  • A list of grants- If you come across a grant that may be relevant keep the details, including dates that the grant applications close.
  • Journals that are relevant- Finding a journal that is relevant for manuscripts can be difficult, so start a ‘black book’ of journals. Including details such as fees and impact factors.
  • Researchers in your field- When you find a researcher in your field it may be worth keeping some details about them; their name, institution, and key publications. This could be useful for future collaborations (or as a conservation starter at a conference). 

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