The “Slashy” Lifestyle.

I heard the term ‘Slashy’ a few weeks ago when my manager was talking about it… basically the term refers to a ‘/’ or ‘slash’ and is the term used for the side hustle era. For example, I am a Market Researcher/Academic Marker/Blogger/PhD Student…. So, I am a slashy.

You may know someone who is a graphic designer/yoga teacher, or teacher/painter… they too are slashers. Having multiple jobs is an interesting concept and something that I really enjoy. I get bored quite easily and have never liked the idea of just getting to do one career, there are so many things that interest me and the slashy lifestyle allows you to dabble in a variety of things without committing to a full career change. After studying in higher education for close on ten years, I am not keen to pursue other career areas (yet), but find it great that I can mesh multiple interests together through my four current roles. Plus, the slashy lifestyle allows for a little additional $$ and is a way to diversify your income which is a bonus.

It isn’t all positives though, a slashy lifestyle often involves having a full-time job, meaning that the additional work needs to fit in around that which makes for busy weeks. However, if you are organised, doing things that you enjoy, and know your limit, then consider giving the slashy lifestyle a go!



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