The next steps for Dr.ofwhat

As some of you may know, Dr.ofwhat is no longer a spring chicken. This website turned 4 this year (which I like to say is atleast 20 in blog years). It started as a creative outlet for myself during my first year of a PhD, and has turned into a resource for PhD students across the globe and importantly a place where I am able to connect with many other PhD students and academics.

Since completing my PhD, I was a bit unsure about what the future held for Dr.ofwhat. I knew that I wanted to continue building this site, as I thoroughly enjoy it and I feel as though it is now also an important space for others. I was unsure where my career was going as I got out of academia for a year (well more accurately I had 25% of my feet still in the academia swimming pool) and then I did a 180 and went back into academia full time.

Upon a lot of reflection and brainstorming, I know where dr.ofwhat will go- at least for the foreseeable future. 

  • PhD Content– I will still be sharing PhD content, particularly through the ‘PhD Survival Guide Posts’ as I am extremely passionate about supporting PhD students.
  • Academia Content– Now that I am an early career academic, I feel a strong pull towards sharing this journey. Academia is a pretty unique field and I am excited to learn and share more as I go.
  • Student Content– I always enjoy posting more general study / organisation content which is for students of any age. Through my teaching role, I see a need for more online study resources and tips.
  • All the other stuff- Plus I will still post my lifestyle and adventure posts, and also my book reviews as these bring me joy and are something I really enjoy sharing.

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