The Moods of a PhD Student

Excitement- “How great is it that I get to research what I am passionate about for a living”

When this mood occurs– At the start of the PhD, and pops back in periodically.


Hunger- “Am I hungry, or am I bored?- either way I’m going to buy food that I don’t need to spend money on”

When this mood occurs- A daily occurrence


Stressed- “My body is literally 95% stress right now”

When this mood occurs- Starts to come during the middle of a PhD


Tired- “I just slept for 12 hours straight but I’m still tired”

When this mood occurs– Weekly.


F&$K it- “F&$K it I’m going home”

When this mood occurs- Weekly…


Proud- “I actually wrote this paragraph that sounds legitimate!”

When this mood occurs– Not as much as you’d like.


Caffeine withdrawal- “It has been three hours since my last coffee, I need more”

When this mood occurs– Daily


FriYAY– “Its Friday, so I’m going to do a happy dance, even though I know damn well I will be working on my PhD this weekend”

When this mood occurs- Every Friday.


Nap time– “Why do children get nap time? They have no problems, they have no thesis”

When this mood occurs– Weekly


Denial- “I don’t have that much work to do, I can definitely afford to take a long lunch break”

When this mood occurs- Too often.

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