The little changes I’ve made that have increased my happiness.

I have always been a believer in appreciating the small things this wonderful world has to offer, and since everything that happened last year I have started to take time to reflect, a lot and often. Lately one of the things I have reflected on is that I have made some really small changes that have really helped increase my happiness (if only slightly some days).

So this is my little list:

  1. Showering at night– Having a shower when I get home from work is one of the best stress releases.
  2. Not watching the news– I very rarely watch the news now. I was finding it really draining, and since doing research on the media, I was also finding it frustrating. I get the news I need to through my phone, I don’t need to watch it before and/or after work.
  3. Dancing while cooking- Instead of watching TV while I cook, I listen to music and dance around.
  4. Take Frog for a walk– As Frog’s training is paying off, I am now able to easily take him for a walk, so I do that most days when I get home (unless I work late).
  5. My Nespresso machine- I finally purchased a Nespresso machine, and I must say it has changed my mornings. Waking up and getting to have a delicious coffee in my own home is the best way to entice me out of bed.


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