The four things keeping me organised.

I have been lucky enough to land numerous casual contracts this study period which are keeping me very busy. Working for multiple courses can be challenging because you need to stay on top of various deadlines simultaneously.

I explain my organisation techniques in more detail on the YouTube channel.

Day to View Diary.

I use my day to view diary as a to do list, so I can write down a list for each day and am able to place future tasks in ahead of time so I don’t forget them.

Undated Weekly Desktop Planner.

I also have an undated weekly desktop planner which I use to keep track of what hours I have worked for all my contracts on each day and also keep track of how much marking I have completed.

Wall Planner.

I created my own wall planner (poster paper and a ruler!) to quickly show me when assessments are due and what on-call shifts I am working for the online courses.


Google sheets is my best friend for timetabling and time blocking. I set up a spreadsheet with a different sheet per week where I put in all the tasks, meetings, and deadlines that I have. I love Google sheets because I can open them up on my computer and phone!

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