The drag of publishing my PhD

I have just submitted my revisions for a journal article publication, and man was it a drag. It felt as though I was crawling to get these revisions done. I asked for an extension on the revisions which was the first extension that I have ever asked for. Unsure if I should be proud or concerned about that. Regardless, I have really struggled with this paper. The paper is the third study from my PhD and since submitting, defending, and passing my PhD, my motivation to continue working on publishing the chapters is low. I keep thinking of shiny new research ideas. So when I received major revisions back on this paper, I knew that it was going to be a struggle to motivate myself. But I got there, and actually after sitting on it for months, tinkering away at it, I actually like this paper again- and am proud to put my name to this research (if/when it gets published). 

I needed to let this paper sit for a long time. Finishing the PhD was hard, and then being finished with the PhD was hard. I was o v e r the research that I had I spent four years on. I couldn’t look at it with fresh eyes, until one day I could. There is still another study currently under review and another chapter ready for submission, so I know that my post-phd publication journey has only really just begun. 


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