‘The Change Box’ September (Unboxing).

It is that time of the month again where I get to review the wonderful products packed into The Change Box! This month is weird for me, as since the last August unboxing my entire life has been flipped upside down (I am about halfway through writing a blogpost about this). So it is weird for me to reflect on how I felt then, compared to how I feel now- but regardless I am wanting to keep dr.ofwhat and its many segments going as well as I can so here goes….



The Products:


Essence of Humanity Softening Cream Cleanser: 

A full sized face cleanser- yes please! Even better this is such a gentle cleanser that can easily be used daily. https://theessenceofhumanity.com/


Wrappa Vegan Reusable Food Wrap:

I was very excited to see this product in the box! I have had my beeswax food wraps (non-vegan option) for about a year now and I love them! I am interested to see how the vegan option works. They also come in the cutest patterns- check them all out here: http://wrappa.com.au/


The Daily Bar Salted Caramel Superfood Snack Bar:

My sister will score this and I am sure she’ll be stoked! https://thedailybar.co/


At One Skincare: Vitality Beauty Balm:

This is a super nourishing beauty balm that feels so nice on your face after a shower. It is oily, so if you have oily skin it may not be for you (but for my dry skin it works a treat!).



The Spice Trading Company Holy Chilli Guacamole Gourmet Dip Spice Mix:

Omg- how delish does this look? I am very, very keen to try it. You can add the spice mix to yogurt (or similar, non-dairy options) to make a dip, or use it as seasoning- I’m thinking tofu seasoning myself! https://thespicetradingcompany.com.au/shop/


Rustic Peppermint Deodorant Paste:

I have said it in previous months, and I will say it again, I think that The Change Box sometimes reads my mind. I have been wanting to try a natural deodorant for a while, and now is my chance. I tend to use strong deodorant paste so I am interested to know how this stacks up. http://www.rusticpeppermint.com.au/

DISCLAIMER: There is no photo of the last product- because it was consumed by a friend shortly after me opening the box…..

Purabon Peanut Butter Protein Ball:

This was a healthy, vegan protein ball that apparently tasted delish!



Remember to use the discount code “DROFWHAT” when purchasing your change box to receive $12 off!

Follow up on last month’s products:

The little candle looks great on my bathroom window shelf (it is the perfect mini size), the seed lip balm is delightful (it stays on my work desk)- I am a bit of a lipbalm addict and this is one of my favourites, the chocolate frogs didn’t last long as they were such a great study snack and the remedy oil was needed more than I would have ever imagined. I put it on my wrist when I am struggling to sleep, or when I am feeling anxious and it actually does relax me. The eyemask is great (as I knew it would be). I haven’t tried the coffee scrub yet.

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