‘The Change Box’ October (Unboxing).

The arrival of this month’s The Change Box made this Monday afternoon a little bit better.

My trusty side kick Frodo has helped me suss out the products this month.


The Products:


Naturally Neak Naturopathy After Glow Super Smoothies Superfood Blend:

This is a little pack to put in your smoothie to add nutrition. This one includes ingredients like beetroot, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry, which I think sounds delish! https://www.naturallyneaknaturopathy.com/


Luxe Bath & Body Bath Tea:

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I am a big fan of baths- I think they are one of the best self-care strategies so I was so excited to see this product. I had never heard of a ‘bath tea bag’ before, but it sounds amazing- filled with salts, lavender & quartz- to relieve, relax & rejuvenate the mind and body! https://www.luxebathbody.com.au/


The Change Box Rise Collection Notebook:

As if the creator of `The Change Box` could get any more clever, now they have started a notebook collection. The cute books have a gorgeous sunrise picture on the cover & every eco-notebook sold provides 1 day of education to women and children in a developing country. https://thechangebox.com.au/collections/gift/products/the-sun-flare-notebook


Super Seaweed Popcorn Raw Cacao:

I am a little sceptical about this snack, but I am intrigued! I will update you next month about if I enjoyed it or not. http://seaweedsuperfoodcompany.com/


Hanami Nailpolish:

I`ll say it again, I think the change box has a way of reading my mind. I have been loving orange nailpolish this spring (& have been stealing my sisters). Now I have my own. https://hanami.com.au/


Babs Body Care Pink Clay & Cacao Face Mask:

This face mask is a blend of Australian clays and botanical ingredients- and it smells amazing. It is such a good sized product also- I think it will last me ages! http://www.babsbodycare.com.au/shop/



Don’t forget to use the code “DROFWHAT” to save $12 on your box!!

Update on last months products

Click here to see the full blog post from last months box.

The Vegan reusable food wrap is amazing! Ever since I purchased my first set almost a year ago I have not purchased glad wrap! The vitality beauty balm is great- it is particularly useful now that my skin is getting dry due to the warming weather. The natural deodorant works so much better than I was expecting. I still don’t use it everyday (particularly if I am doing exercise), but I love putting it on after going for a surf. I have not tried the other product yet- life has been a little crazy.




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