‘The Change Box’ November (Unboxing)

It’s that time of month again when The Change Box arrives!

If you haven’t seen the unboxing from last month, check it out here.


The Products:


Bondi Wash Hand Cream: This is a really decent sized product! & the hand cream smells and feels amazing. It is Australian made and plant-based and the company has heaps of other awesome products- check them out here: https://bondiwash.com.au/


Ever Eco- Reusable Fruit & Veg Bags: I always say that ‘The Change Box’ reads my mind and give me products that I have been thinking about… well this time it went one step further and gave me a product I literally just purchased. But having more of these nifty bags is not a problem. One-use plastic is terrible for the environment so using these bags on your weekly shop will help a little. Check out the company’s other good-for-the-earth goodies here: https://evereco.com.au/?v=6cc98ba2045f


The Rise Collection giftcards: These cards match the notebook from last month’s box and they are super cute! Even better, they are made from recyclable material! https://thechangebox.com.au/collections/the-rise-collection/products/the-rise-collection-card-pack


Eclipse Organics Raw Paleo Bar: I am super excited about this product because it is nut free! Most vegan/raw bars all have nuts in them, which would make my throat swell (we don’t want that). Check out the brands full range here: https://eclipseorganics.com.au/


Funch Bliss Ball Chocolate Mix: Another nut free product! I am being spoilt this month. I made these balls as soon as I opened the box, and they are delicious & so simple to make. I will be buying them again! https://www.funch.com.au/products/bliss-ball-mix-chocolate


Wotnot Facial Wipes: This is another product that I used as soon as I opened the box. Makeup wipes can often make my skin feel dry after using them, but these ones didn’t at all! I didn’t even need to put moisturiser on afterwards. Check out all of their wonderful products here: https://wotnot.com.au/

Update on last months products:

The face mask is seriously divine, I even gave some to my office pal who also loved it! The bath tea bag was also awesome, I wasn’t sure how it would work but it made the whole bath smell amazing (without being messy, which bathbombs can sometimes be). I love the orange nail polish- the colour is bright and it dried quickly.


Don’t forget to use the code “DROFWHAT” to get $12 off your box!


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