‘The Change Box’ June (Unboxing).


If you haven’t yet check out my first unboxing of ‘The change box’ subscription box here: https://drofwhat.com/2017/05/17/the-change-box-may-unboxing/, it has all the general information about the box!

I loved my first box so was I super excited when the June addition arrived, it was once again packed with so many goodies.

The Products:

Wild Leaf Botanicals Sweet Orange and Macadamia Hair and Body Oil (https://www.wildleafbotanicals.com.au/)


I love a good hair oil (especially due to my dry hair), so I was happily surprised to get a large 50ml bottle of this gorgeous product. This is a handmade, cruelty free, palm oil free product in recyclable packaging (doesn’t get much better than that!). Also do yourselves a favour and head over to their (super cute) website filled with so many products!

Ever Eco Rose Gold Straws (http://www.floraandfauna.com.au/ever-eco-rose-gold-straws-straight-2-pack-cleaning-brush)



I am 100% on the ‘reduce plastic’ movement, and reusable straws are a great way to do your bit. Plastic straws are used once then thrown away (where they stay in landfill for thousands of years, or worse make their way to the ocean!). This is a super cute pack of two straws plus a cleaning brush!

Envirocare Earth Shampoo & Conditioner (https://www.envirocareearth.com.au/)

19212850_10211415628698918_1721677142_oI was so excited to receive this product that I pretty much jumped straight into the shower to try them out! I have always struggled to find natural shampoo & conditioner that doesn’t dry out my overly coloured hair! Although I have only used this product once it definitely made my hair feel nicer than other brands I’ve tried.

Vego Chocolate (http://www.sproutmarket.com.au/whole-hazelnut-chocholate-bar-65g-pack-of-30.html?gclid=CPH3h-elwdQCFc4IKgodF7kHuA)


This product went straight to Jake (due to my nut allergies), and was eaten within the hour… So I am guessing it is a winner!

Knick Knack Collection Thank you card (https://www.knickknackcollections.com/)

19349287_10211415628938924_529197810_oOne of my favourite thing about the change box is that it has such a great variety of products. I love this 100% recycled waste paper ‘thank you’ card, and I love the other things on this website even more. Seriously check it out, and try to resist the stationery!

Rustic Peppermint Face Mask (http://www.rusticpeppermint.com.au/)


Another beauty company that is to die for! I love relaxing in a bath with a good book and facemask so am excited to give this one a try!


Follow-up on last month’s products

18575725_10211133044074479_1909492607_oI am seriously in love with the seed skincare spray! I wear it every single day & loved the brand so much that I recently purchased one of their facial soaps which I also use every day! http://www.seedskincare.com.au/product/tea-tree-turmeric-facial-soap/

I had the curry spice the other night on potatoes and I thought it was delicious (Jake thought there was too much cinnamon), but I would eat cinnamon by the spoonful which is probably why I enjoyed it so much.

The coconut milk bar was also delightful, it made my skin super soft. The only problem with the product is there wasn’t enough of it!

Unfortunately my bracelet (which was my favourite) broke, at the fault of a little hobbit pupper called Frodo, not at the fault of the bracelet!


I am so excited to purchase the next box!


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