‘The Change Box’ July (Unboxing).


As always I was so excited to unwrap ‘The Change Box’ when it arrived yesterday. If you haven’t yet, check out the website to find out more about this awesome subscription box! https://www.thechangebox.com.au/

The Products:


Knowrish Well – Sea Salt Caramel Coconut chips: https://knowrishwell.com/

I had never heard of this product before opening the box so was very intrigued. As you would know if you read my previous unboxing, I am allergic to nuts and unfortunately this includes me being intolerant to coconut (the worst I know!). However, I can eat coconut in very small amounts so it didn’t stop me from trying the product. It is delicious, they taste very ‘coconutty’ (obvs) with a delicious sweet mix!


Hanami Cream Blush: https://hanami.com.au/

I needed a new blush so was happy to find one in the box! I have also never tried a cream blush before! I have only put it on my hand to try it so far, but it creates an amazing shimmer so I am super excited to try it out on my face later today!

I also have my eyes on a lipstick from Hanami (which I will purchase with my 25% off voucher also given in the change box!). Obviously it is a cruelty free, vegan product, and the company donates $1 from every purchase to Humane Research Australia.


The Physic Garden Sleep Balm: https://thephysicgarden.com/

I absolutely adore this product! I put it on after my shower last night & was amazed by how soft it made my skin feel instantly. It smells divine and calming, and even better it is long lasting. I woke up in the middle of the night and my face still felt amazing! Again it is a natural product, that is vegan & cruelty free!

PS. I destroyed the label when I was opening it which is maybe the worst thing an unboxing blogger could do… haha


I think of you. You think of me:

This is an adorable small card which has the purpose of spreading the magic of kindness and connection. You are supposed to place the card somewhere that a person can find it to brighten their day. It is such a cute idea!


The Social Cup ‘Relax’ Tea: https://www.thesocialcup.com.au/

I have not tried this tea yet, but the description sounds yummy! I also have my eyes on the hot chocolate on the website. Even better the social cup donates 50% of their profits to projects that empower women & educate children where the tea & coffee is grown!


Kakadu Plum Co- Lemon Myrtle: https://www.kakaduplumco.com/

Again I have not tired this product yet but I am very excited to. The packaging says you can add the lemon myrtle to cakes, smoothies, salads, and even soups! The company itself supports the Australian Indigenous people and communities.

Follow Up on Last Month’s Products


I used the Rustic Peppermint Face Mask in the bath a couple of weeks ago and loved the fact that it was not too thick. I find that some face masks are thick, uncomfortable, and dry out my skin (which this one does not!).

I have also enjoyed the shampoo & conditioner. It is not something I would be able to use on its own as my hair is dry and needs a really good moisturising conditioner at least once a week, but it is still a great product.

I have been using the wild leaf oil in my hair after I wash it and I think it has been creating a nice shine!





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