‘The Change Box’ December (Unboxing)

If you have not yet seen the unboxing of last month’s box go here

Also don’t forget to use the code “DROFWHAT” to get $12 off your box at https://thechangebox.com.au/


The Products:


Bake Mixes Cacao & Acai Muffin Mix: I am super excited to make this product! I have not made muffins in years as I am not really into baking, but I am excited nonetheless. The mix is vegan, organic, & gluten-free! Plus also nut free which is good for me. https://www.bakemixes.com.au


The Urban Greens Kitchen Herbs Grow Kit: How cute is this?! It is a tiny little kit that includes everything you need to grow your own basil, parsley, thyme, sage & chives! I am not great at growing plants/herbs so we will see how this goes! It is such a fabulous idea. The company has so many different types of kits- check them all out here


Kez’s Kitchen Raw Choc Nut Cookies: This is a cute little raw snack (which I unfortunately can’t eat due to my allergies), but I think one of the girls at work will really enjoy! http://kezs.com.au/


Rasasara Skinfood Hydrating Mist: I have been meaning to buy a skin hydrating mist to take away with me (I am heading to snow covered countries and thought it would be a great why to stop my skin from going dry), but luckily I didn’t get a chance because I was spoilt by The Change Box again. This mist smells & feels amazing! I now also have my eyes on so many of their other products (see here). The company is vegan, natural, non-toxic, and cruelty free!


Parabon Salted Caramel Protein Ball: Unfortunately, this is another snack I can’t try- but again I am sure one of the girls at work will! It is a 100% vegan, completely natural protein ball! https://purabon.com.au/


Elan Essential Sample- Purifying Body Cleanser: Another fabulous beauty product! It is sad that it is only a sample, but I am excited to try it anyway. The company produces organic, vegan, cruelty free skincare, and also plants a new tree in Australia for every 5th online purchase! https://elanessentials.store/

Update on last months products:

The WotNot Face wipes are AMAZING. They make my skin feel soft & not dry (like other face wipes can sometimes do). I was even lucky enough to get another packet in this month’s change box (I told you i’m spoilt!). The Bliss Ball Mix was easy to use & so quick. I have used to reusable produce bags so many times already- everyone should get their hands on some. I have taken the hand cream to work and put it in my draw to use whenever my hands feel gross and dry- it is effective and smells great!



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