‘The Change Box’ August (Unboxing).


Time for the unboxing of the August ‘The Change Box’ which is actually my favourite yet!


The products:


 Seed Skincare Tangerine Lip Balm: http://www.seedskincare.com.au/

I fell in love with this skincare company when one of their products was in the first Change box that I received. Since then I have purchased some of their products at the markets and I have had my eye on the lip balm for a while so was super excited to get it this month!


Butt Naked Coffee and Vanilla Body Scrub: https://buttnakedbody.com.au/

I haven’t used this product yet but I am excited to. I have used body scrubs before and my skin has felt so smooth after. This company has many varieties of body scrubs for any preferences.


The Karma Collective Mini-Candle: https://www.thekarmacollective.com.au/shop/

I wanted a candle to go in our bathroom- and this one is perfect. It is small & smells delicious.  The company donates a portion of each sale to various charities!



Decadent Chocolate Frog: http://decadenthandmadechocolates.com/

Nut Free treats that I can eat, yay! This chocolate is super creamy and tastes like non-vegan milk chocolate. The frogs are also the perfect little size, great for study snacks!


Alyssum Alchemy Clarity Remedy Oil: https://alyssumalchemy.com.au/

I have also been wanting to get some relaxation oil for a while (I told you this box was my favourite, it was as if it read my mind). This oil can be put on your wrists (its a roll on) and smells refreshing & relaxing. Also check out all of the other products on their amazing website!


Jazminbell Eye Pillow Cold/Heat Pack: http://www.jazminbell.com.au/

I love eye masks & I love heat packs- this product combines the two! I can’t wait to relax in the bath or on my reading chair with this cute eye mask! The company sells heat/cold back in all shapes and sizes.


Follow up on last month’s products:


The tea is absolutely delightful, and is the perfect cup when I’m up studying late. Everyone who I have shared the coconut chips with loved them. I have struggled to know how to use the cream blush perfectly (at the moment it looks streaky on my cheek), but I am no makeup wiz so it is probably at the fault of my own. The sleep balm is AMAZING- I wear it every night!

I haven’t tried the Lemon Myrtle yet.



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