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For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, you might not be aware of the famous Frog (my German Shepherd and best bud!). Frog’s real name is Frodo, and he still gets called that when he is in trouble (which you will realise reading these posts, is often), but since he was a puppy his dad and I started calling him frog, and it stuck.

We drove five hours to pick up Frog, and it was definitely love at first sight. He had a dreamy squishy face, the fluffiest fur, and heartbreakingly cute huge paws. It didn’t take long for him to wrap his paws around out little fingers, and our hearts.


Frog, however, was a big boy and being a shepherd he was clever and mischievous from a young age. He started barking at everything when we took him for walks. People. Dogs. Cats. Lion statues. You name it. And not a cute little bark, a terrifying one meaning that although his tail was always wagging, he scared the crap out of everyone. This provoked so much anxiety in me because we so badly wanted to take him on adventures to the beach, and for him to sit with us at cafes…

Oh and the barking wasn’t limited to walks, he would bark and I mean BARK whenever he was outside alone. So we would keep him inside (in a few rooms) while we were out. This is when Frog took his first victim… the couch (the first one… I will get to the second later).


Despite the chaos and stress Frog caused, my heart honestly felt fuller than it ever had before. Until the unimaginable happened. Frog lost his dad and I lost my partner in an accident. Everything shattered, and I remember very little in the months that passed after.

But I do know that Frog quickly became even more important in my life. He was more than a dog. He was one of the things bringing me joy and was the best companion I could ask for. But… I’m a short and petite girl, and Frog was a big growing boy. This made walks logistically difficult, as despite the two lots of puppy training we had taken Frog to, he still barked at everything and pulled like crazy. He definitely walked me. It must have looked comical for onlookers.


I travelled Europe for all of January and Frog was being looked after (and spoilt) at one of his favourite places (his grandparents). When I returned I was sooo excited to see Frog, and lets just say the 8 months that have passed since I got back have been full of hilarious and stressful Frog adventures. He makes very common appearances in my Instagram stories and I have had multiple suggestions to write the “Book of Frog”…. I thought the “Blog of Frog” was the next best thing!


To be continued…….


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