The 6 Musts on your Bucket List

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You could go through life without setting any goals in life. Life would basically be a succession of doing things you like or dislike, just to get to the next day. For most people, that will sound like the most pointless exercise in life. Not something that fills people with excitement. That’s why it’s essential that people have something to look forward to. And that’s not something you know is going to happen regardless. For example, wishing for Christmas is basically reliant on counting the days.


In comparison, going to see Santa in Lapland (granted you don’t live in Lapland) is a whole different thing altogether. This is why people have goals, to make sure they have something to strive for. These lists of goals are sometimes rebranded to bucket lists, i.e., things to do before you “kick the bucket.” Here are some of the most common items on people’s bucket lists.

The Northern Lights

Taking a trip to see one of the world’s truly most breath-taking wonders is high on pretty much all bucket lists. You’ll need to travel north up the globe and visit some remote places to be able to witness the Northern Lights. Iceland and Norway are popular destinations to be able to witness the event. It might require some careful planning, but people will say it’s a truly magical experience. There are even ways to hire accommodations for you and another person that offer a bed under a clear canopy so you can enjoy the Northern Lights to the fullest. This will be one of those things that you could capture on photo and film, but which is best just to be enjoyed at the moment.


Get a Tattoo

Unless your body is already a tapestry of artwork, memories, and (perhaps) drunken decisions, getting a tattoo is always one of those things that people would put on their list.

You might have already spent many hours thinking of what you would get and where on your body you would get it.

You might decide to get it with a friend as a token of your everlasting bond, or it might be something you get individually, to mark an essential event in your life.

Most people will say this though, once you start, it’s kind of addictive and you might just keep going. Before you know it, you will run out of bare skin to tattoo!


Connect with Nature

More adventure-minded people looking for inspiration in nature will have a keen preference for connecting with animals. Perhaps riding an elephant is on the bucket list, or swimming with dolphins, or watching whales. People who have experienced such events have said it’s pretty much life-affirming, creating a unique perspective on the lives we daily live. It’s very natural to keep within our own bubbles and just see and consider only humans as the principal occupants of earth. But as soon as you get up close and personal with some of the other beautiful creatures, that perspective might change.


Push Your Limits

The more active-minded person would put running a marathon high on the list. There is something about pushing your body to its limits and doing something that is only for people with tremendous willpower and determination that has a certain appeal. And if you mastered the marathon, perhaps the next step is participating in an iron man challenge? Just the very process of training and getting your mind ready for it can be an extremely gratifying journey.


The Dream House

On many people’s lists will be buying their forever home. And although you will have people who dream of an apartment in a bustling metropolitan city, most people would want a house with a garden and fence. For obvious reasons as most people will see kids and even a dog and cat running around. It could be one of those fabulous AVID developments in Australia or some fixer-upper that has all the good bones you can see yourself building a dream home.


Feats of Excellence & Marvel

Another thing on people’s list would be to enjoy and marvel human accomplishment at its most impressive. That could be visiting the pyramids and marvel at its creation. This could be visiting the Statue of Liberty and think about its meaning and significance. There are so many places that will appear on people’s bucket lists that will speak to them on an individual level.

And if places don’t attract you, and you are a bit of a foodie, perhaps armed with the Michelin Guide, you might have a list of restaurants that you must have visited once in your life!

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