Ten things I would have liked to tell myself on my first day of university.

This week is O Week for most of the universities in Australia, which has made me reminisce on my first day of uni (which was six years ago!!!). I started to think what I would have liked to tell myself during this exciting, scary, and totally different time.

1)     You will meet so many incredible people, who will have a huge influence in shaping the person you become.

2)     You will be tested in ways that you never knew existed, and this is not limited to academia.

3)     You will be busier than you’ve ever been before, you will somehow manage to fit in uni, work, volunteering, and a social life.

4)     You will struggle with the assignments and exams more than you did at school.

5)     You will change your mind all the time about ‘what you want to do when you grow up’, and this will cause you to feel anxious, but know that you are on the right path.

6)     You will wish for full time work so you can see your friends and family at night and on the weekends.

7)     You will achieve more than you imagined.

8)     When you want to give up, don’t!

9)     You will realise that following your passion and heart was more important than your head.

10)  You will get through it.

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