Tassie travels 4/4: Home Base, Launceston

This is the last of the ‘Tassie Travel blog post series’ if you haven’t yet check out the first three: https://drofwhat.com/2017/02/18/tasmanian-travels-14-home-base-hobart/ https://drofwhat.com/2017/02/25/tasmanian-travels-24-home-base-swansea/  https://drofwhat.com/2017/03/09/tasmanian-travels-34-home-base-cradle-mountain/ The First Vlog is also up https://drofwhat.com/2017/03/05/vlog-tassie-travels-home-base-hobart/ (there are more to come)

Our last stop on our Tassie adventure was Launceston which is the second largest city in Tasmania.  As soon as we arrived in Launceston it lived up to my expectation as it felt like a large country town and had a very strong food and art culture.

Platypus House- We ventured out (around a 30 minute drive from Launceston) to the platypus house. It is a wildlife centre focusing solely on echidnas and platypus (Australia’s two monotremes). Once again our guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about the conservation of these two special species. It was great to see a platypus (as they are extremely rare to see in the wild) and great to know that there are places educating the public about these unique creatures.

Cataract Gorge- Right in the heart of Launceston (and directly next to our accommodation) there is a huge gorge. It is genuinely amazing that a place as pretty as this exists, let along that it exists in the middle of a big city. There are multiple walks to choose from and you can also choose to take the cable cart to the other side (over the gorge and swimming pool). Like everywhere in Tassie there was an array of wildlife and stunning plants.

Launceston- We spent a lot of time exploring Launceston itself (including my sister and I getting matching tattoos!). There is a lot a delicious places to eat, including ‘Charlies’ where I was lucky enough to meet the owner who is a wonderful travel blogger (www.worldofwanderlust.com). Her blog has inspired me for a couple of years now, so getting to meet her was a highlight of my trip. We also visited the museum which was a cheap and interesting way to spend an afternoon and proves that tourism experiences do not always have to cost you!


Surrounding suburbs- We also spent some time exploring the surrounding towns where we stumbled across pretty beaches and stunning waterfalls. I even managed to fall in a creek on our last day! I had a bruise as a three week souvenir.  These adventures once again highlighted that in Tasmania it pays to get out of your car randomly and explore, because everywhere you turn there is something new.

Departing- After 4 nights in Launceston it was time to depart. I had such an amazing two weeks exploring the place that had been on my travel list for so long. However, it has not yet been crossed off, as I feel there is still so much for me to explore. I am planning on getting back to Tassie, perhaps in winter next time, as soon as I can.


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