Tasmanian Travels 2/4: Home Base, Swansea


If you haven’t yet checked out the Tasmanian Travels 1/4 blog post, follow this link: https://drofwhat.com/2017/02/18/tasmanian-travels-14-home-base-hobart/



Dolphin Beach, Swansea


Swansea- We spent five nights at Swansea which is a cute little seaside town approximately 2 hours from Hobart on the east coast of Tasmania. We arrived at our seaside chalets which were a little more spacious than our Hobart accommodation, so we all got to sit on the couch at the same time!



Dolphin Beach, Swansea


Bay of Fires- This location has been on my travel radar for a little while now and it did not disappoint. It is a two hour drive from Swansea and a little further from Launceston, but it is well worth the trip. The water is crystal clear and the rocks are a bold orange/red colour. The other beaches surrounding are also seriously stunning, pack a picnic and spend the day exploring.



Bay of Fires




Bay of Fires




Bay of Fires, check out that water!




Binalong Bay




Binalong Bay


Wineglass Bay cruise- Wineglass Bay was voted the second ‘prettiest beach’ in Australia and you can understand why. White sparkling sand, turquoise water, and huge cliffs. We decided to take the cruise over to the bay- the trip on the way out was a little rocky (although it was actually a relatively calm day) and many passengers were sea sick. So my hot tip is if you typically suffer from sea sickness maybe rethink the trip or take some sea sickness tablets (you are provided with ginger but may need something stronger). We were fine and enjoyed standing on the back deck getting covered in the splash from the waves. We saw albatross, Australian fur seals, common dolphins, and much to my delight and surprise flying fish! We then anchored at Wineglass bay (which is actually named after its sad whaling history (people on lookout would see the bay fill up with whale blood, looking like red wine) and were provided with delicious bento boxes filled with Tasmanian delights (great dietary requirement options). The trip was nice but I would love to go back and get my bare feet onto the sand and walk up to the lookout. I would also love to come back in whale season to see orcas and southern rights!



Wineglass Bay


Wineglass Bay


Dock to get on Wineglass Bay tour


Nature World- Nature World is like a zoo, but filled with predominantly rescued animals which is so great. We saw many birds, quolls, Tasmanian devils, and were even chased by some aggressive Shelducks. If you are going to visit a wildlife centre this is a great one.



Tasmanian Devil, Nature World



Lost Falls- We stopped on one of our drives at a place called Lost Falls, which was a random bush walk through to a rock pool and what would be a waterfall after heavy rain. Just another reminder that you never know what you will find if you go on random little adventures.



Lost Falls




Lost Falls




Lost Falls


Stay tuned for Tasmanian Travels 3/4  & the Youtube vlogs coming soon.



Shelly Beach, three guesses why it’s called that


Shelly Beach


Shelly Beach


Bicheno Blowhole


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