Dr.ofwhat’s top 7 posts of all time.

As you may be aware, this little blog turned 2 years old last week! So I thought I would share my most popular (views wise) posts from the last 2 years, you know, just in case you missed them.   The Shack by the Sea: A peek into the sweetest Airbnb. (682 views)   What happens when one event changes everything? (492 views)   How are you…really? (205 views)   Featured ‘day in the life of’: Steph, a PhD student & manta ray researcher. (194 views)   Featured ‘day in the life of’: Angela, member of the Watershed Stewards Program & soon-to-be masters student in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs. (179 views)   My journey to understanding the importance of self-care. (169 views)   A PhD update. (163 views)

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