Survival tips (for loved-ones of PhD candidates)

Tip #1– Pay attention when they are talking about their PhD (or at least pay attention 20% of the time) so you can answer “what does [insert name] do for their PhD?” when you are put on the spot

Tip #2- Always make sure the coffee is stocked up (& the wine while you are at it!)

Tip #3- Expect them to be tired 87.7% of the time

Tip #4- Probably don’t ask when they are going to finish their PhD (when they know they will tell you)

Tip #5- Never refer to their PhD as ‘study’ or ‘uni’, go with ‘work’ or ‘research’ instead

Tip #6– Make them take time for themselves (even if they protest)

Tip #7- Celebrate the small wins with them

Tip #8- Know that they appreciate you (sometimes they just don’t say it – which they know is bad!)

Tip #9- Remember tip #2 is essential

Tip #10- Remember that a PhD doesn’t go forever (despite it feeling like it does) and that the PhD-related stress (theirs and yours) will be over soon

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