Survival guide for the last month before PhD submission

I wrote a survival guide for the last few months of a PhD a little while again and now I am updating it for the last month! Things are getting very close now.

  • Countdown Calendar- This not only clearly outlines what tasks need to be achieved each day but it also serves as good motivation. Mine is on the fridge and I cross off each day.
  • Study Snacks- Blueberries, chocolate, cups of tea, chips, etc. etc. 
  • Spotify– I can’t even imagine doing a PhD without Spotify premium….
  • Regular breaks- Although it feels like you need to be using every spare minute you have to work on your PhD breaks are so important. Not only for your wellbeing but for the quality of your PhD. Putting your writing down and coming back to it with fresh eyes is so important.
  • Sleep- Finishing a PhD is exhausting. You need sleep and lots of it.
  • Self-discipline- Be efficient and effective with your time. Sitting at your desk for 30 minutes and using the time effectively and then watching Netflix for an hour is better than sitting at your desk for an hour and a half and not being efficient. 


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