Survival guide for the last few months of a PhD

I am in the last few months of my PhD- I think….??? Maybe….? if everything goes to plan.

These are some of the survival items us almost #phdone students need. I will be making some updates when I hit the final month and week, I already anticipate an increase in coffee….

Infographic. (1)

Coffee– The PhD Fuel.

Weekly to-do list- Having an achievable weekly to-do list is important to keep track. I keep mine on the fridge.

Patience- The last few months are tedious. Lots of drafting. Lots of tweaks. 

A hard-copy draft- Old school pen and paper is the only way I can pick up on all the tiny errors (spilt vs split for example!)

Supportive people around you- I don’t think I am as pleasant of a person at the moment. I am stressed and honestly just over my PhD. I am so grateful to have amazing & understanding people in my life

Red Pen- Same idea as the hard-copy draft.

Thesaurus- is my favourite. In the final stages of writing I find using a thesaurus takes my writing to the next level.

Wine- Need I say more?

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